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Effortless Language Redirection - TYPO3 Extension


Hello fellow TYPO3 enthusiasts! I had the pleasure of cooperating with my colleague @malteriechmann to create a TYPO3 extension called t3languageredirection, which provides an effortless and dependable way to redirect users to their preferred language. In this blog post, we will take a look at this simple project, and reveal how it can add user-friendliness to your multilingual website.

What does t3languageredirection actually do?

This open-source extension, will configure a new frontend middleware that automatically redirects users to the appropriate language version of your website based on their browser's Accept-Language header.

The LanguageRedirectionMiddleware is implemented using the PSR-15 middleware interface, making it easy to integrate into your existing TYPO3 project.

Why t3languageredirection?

Unlike other TYPO3 redirection extensions, t3languageredirection does not require any additional configuration and is not dependent on the user's IP address. Additionally, it is designed to be independent of the underlying web servers, providing a flexible and adaptable solution.

Using t3languageredirection will improve the user experience of a website and make it more accessible to a wider audience. Whether your website is a small blog or a large e-commerce site, this extension is a nice-to-have tool for anyone looking to create a multilingual TYPO3 website.

How to use t3languageredirection?

To get started, simply install the extension using Composer:

composer require visuellverstehen/t3languageredirection

After installation the middleware will automatically handle language redirection. This means that visitors to your site will be redirected to the language version that best suits their needs without any additional effort on your part.


The t3languageredirection extension simplifies the language redirection of your multilingual website with easy installation, automatic redirection, and seamless compatibility with any hosting environment. The extension is still in the testing phase, and we are constantly working to refine and improve its functionality.

Feel free to utilise it or to give us feedbacks, and if you could star the repository, we would appreciate it:


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